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Download PDF Talash Book Mutaz Mufti

Talash pdf book mumtaz mufti
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Talash is a spiritual and religious Urdu book written by Mumtaz Mufti. It got published in 2006 and was the last book in Mufti’s creative journey. According to the author, He did not want to write on religion and spirituality, but the reason to write about it was that –  he received various requests to pick the pen on this subject.

About Author(Mumtaz Mufti) writer of Talash book

Mumtaz Mufti is a renowned Urdu novelist and short story writer. His most admired work is his auto-biography Ali Pur ka Aili and Alakh Nagri. Mufti’s writing style is effortless and easy to understand. He avoids getting bogged down in words and conveys his message to the reader very concisely. The sincerity and selflessness are characteristic of his personality, and it’s visible in his writing.

Talash Book By Mumtaz Mufti Summary and Review.

The story of Talash explains the real spirit and meaning of the religion Islam – and draws the reader’s attention to how deceptive scholars profiting from Islam’s name are misleading us.

The author raises fundamental questions and challenges the reader to seek the answers on their own. Some of those questions he poses are:

And then he explains how fraudulent scholars are misleading us about Islam’s true spirit. He tries to demonstrate that how we have been kept oblivious of the true meanings of the Qur’an, and we have been taught only the meanings that are in line with their desire.

He says that the example of the Qur’an is like a rose; if you pick a petal from a rose, you will see another below it – and another after picking that. In the same way, as you contemplate and explore the Qur’an, you will come across several meanings for each word. He urges us to read and follow the Holy Quran to understand Islam’s true meaning.

To summarize, Talash is a brilliant spiritual book and speaks directly to you. After reading this book, you will surely seek the answers to the questions that the author poses. It will help you develop your connection with God and find the real meaning of being a Muslim.

You can read this book online, Or you can download the Talash book by Mumtaz Mufti in pdf for offline reading. Please follow the links below to read online or download this book.

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